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About - DentalLnx



Welcome to your professional dental community.


We believe that when the whole dental care coordination team is connected and collaborating, the dental care system improves, and patients benefit.


DentalLnx was built with every member of the dental team in mind, including the dentist, hygienist, assistant, office manager, laboratory technician, and all professionals from the various dental service providers. DentalLnx’s social media network platform is the only one in the dental industry to involve every member of the team and this philosophy of collaborative communication between all dental professionals was the genesis for the creation of the DentalLnx.


The aim is to bring down the walls between specialties and unify the dental industry. When specialty teams work collaboratively, they value one another's perspectives and contributions more, they understand and appreciate true teamwork, they communicate effectively, and share an ethical code that is premised on just and high quality care.


With a user-friendly navigation system and a great experience for all visitors, DentalLnx, The Dental Industry Network will become the source for collaborative communication for all dental professionals for the latest dental-related information that will benefit them personally and professionally.


DentalLnx is just getting started, there are several patent pending dental-specific features to come.