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About - DentalLnx



Welcome to your professional dental community.


DentalLnx was built with every member of the dental team in mind, including the dentist, hygienist, assistant, office manager, laboratory technician, and all professionals from the various dental service providers. DentalLnx’s social media network platform is the only one in the dental industry to involve every member of the team and this philosophy of collaborative communication between all dental professionals was the genesis for the creation of the DentalLnx.


DentalLnx’s passion for better collaboration between all dental industry professionals and better dentistry is what drives us. We believe that when the whole dental care coordination team is connected and collaborating, patients benefit and the dental sector works better. Listening to what dental professionals need and then creating simple solutions to solve problems is what we do best. Our vision is a future where dental collaboration is effortless — fast, simple, seamless and secure.


Our mission is to connect the world’s dental professionals to allow them to be more productive and successful. Our services are designed to offer better collaboration and provide economic opportunity. We enable you and other dental professionals to meet, collaborate and exchange ideas. The DentalLnx platform is for learning, finding opportunities, work, or employees, and make decisions in a focused dental network to elevate dentistry.


DentalLnx is just getting started, there are dental specific features to come.