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Partner Up - DentalLnx


Partner Up



Why partner up with us? Connecting our community with the right people and partners is a large part of our mission. We believe in partnerships. We believe in long-term relationships that bring value to both businesses. Tap into a more dental conscious and focused audience.


Media Partner


We invite you to showcase your organization on the front page by becoming a DentalLnx Media Partner. To confirm your corporate commitment and support contact Jose Walter at


Advertising Partner


DentalLnx offers a fast and easy way to advertise effectively on the our platform. Use our self-help tool to target and post your ads in less then two minutes. It's a simple, affordable way to increase your market presence. The DentalLnx platform is dedicated exclusively to the dental industry, reach your audience 24/7.


Sponsor Partner


To find out about sponsorship opportunities available for your company, contact Jose Walter at


Cloud Based Software Partner


Do you own a cloud based software for the dental industry? If so, there are opportunities available for your company on DentalLnx, contact Jose Walter at to explore the patent pending possibilities.


Don´t See A Fit?


Don’t see a partnership type that fits? Drop us a note!